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Basic Procreate Brushes

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You will receive 12 Procreate Brushes

Brushes Include:

- Streamline Round Brush (LineArt / Sketch)

Perfect for smooth lines

- Round Brush (Soft LineArt / Sketch)

My usual sketching brush

- Round Brush (Sketch)

For sketching without tapered lines, good for blocking in initial shapes

- Round Brush (Defined LineArt)

Really smooth but clear LineArt, easy to select colours within

- Dry Brush (Blend + Shading)

My signature brush! Gives my art a smooth but slightly textured look

- Paint Brush (Shading)

Great for harsher shading lines and shapes

- Medium Hard Airbrush (Shading)

Circle like effect for motion shading

- Square Brush Strokes

Mainly use for blocking out shapes and strong brush strokes

- Round Brush (Hard Shading)

Standard Procreate Brush that I use for initial shading before rendering

- Medium Hard Brush (Colouring)

Standard Procreate Brush that I use for putting solid colour layers down with before shading

- Soft Brush (Shading) NEW

New soft brush used for shading with slight blur between shades (used on low opacity)

- Soft Brush (Airbrush)

Standard Procreate Airbrush used for soft shading and background gradients

Disclaimer: These brushes are customised from the original Procreate Brushes that have been changed! Some brushes will be very similar to the original Procreate brushes as I wanted to include which ones I use but may have slight changes to them, others will have much bigger changes.

These brushes have been made for Procreate and on Procreate and I would not advise buying these to try with other software and apps as they will most likely not work, please only use these for Procreate as that is their intended use.

These brushes were made with Procreate 5X and they may work differently with other versions of Procreate.

I also pair these brushes with Gabrielle Brickey Brushes to create eyelashes, hair texture and freckles

Skillshare profile: Free Brushes Download

If you have any questions please contact any of my social media (linked on profile)

And I’ll do my best to respond back to you as soon as I can!

Do not repost these brushes or resell them

Link back to here if you wish to share them

You may create art for commissions or work you wish to sell with these brushes

Feel free to tag #JLPBrushes in your art so I can see what you used them for and share your work to my audience!

Thank you for purchasing!

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Brushes Include: - Streamline Round Brush (LineArt / Sketch) - Round Brush (Soft LineArt / Sketch) - Round Brush (Sketch) - Round Brush (Defined LineArt) - Dry Brush (Blend + Shading) - Paint Brush (Shading) - Medium Hard Airbrush (Shading) - Square Brush Strokes - Round Brush (Hard Shading) - Medium Hard Brush (Colouring) - Soft Brush (Shading) - Soft Brush (Airbrush)


Basic Procreate Brushes

0 ratings
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